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I’ve had the honor of working with some wonderful people who inspire me to this day. I’m grateful to all for the opportunity to hear their stories and help them as they prepare to share them with the world.

“Bo really knows story…she understands narrative form and structure, and knows how to let stories unfold in a way that keeps the listener engaged. Writing this talk was an iterative process, with numerous drafts passing between us. And yet amazingly, when I listen to my talk now, I can’t tell which parts were my own, and which were based on Bo’s suggestions. It all feels like me.”

The art of crafting an encore speech takes skill, and  Bo has that special ability to take well-meaning thoughts and polish it in a way that flows and makes sense to the storyline. And she allowed me to speak from the heart, while clarifying points and driving home the takeaways!”

Bo’s feedback and enthusiasm were indispensable to my success. What you’ll notice about Bo is a keen interest in both your content and your cause. She’ll figure out exactly what you want to accomplish, and then take intentional steps towards helping you move in that direction. I miss her feedback, enthusiasm, and talent.”

I was not a public speaker, and the idea of standing in front of thousands of people was terrifying. I owe a debt of gratitude to Bo Roth. She was my coach for a TEDx talk and the process of writing and practicing with her couldn’t have been easier. She was sensitive and supportive but also wasn’t afraid to be critical and direct, which kept me pushing forward in a beautiful and enjoyable way.”

“If you’ve ever wondered why TED talks are great it is because people like Bo are behind the scenes working with the speakers to be sure that their talks are razor sharp. Bo has the gift of making people feel comfortable even while she is challenging them to take their work to the next level and beyond. If you have a presentation coming up that matters, I would highly recommend working with Bo. Her insights helped tremendously as I prepared for my TEDx presentation.”

“I highly recommend Bo as a speech coach. Her focused, no-nonsense style helps you zero in on what is working and not working in your speech. If you are executive looking to make a powerful keynote, look no further than Bo!”

“What makes Bo special and fantastic at what she does is that she is an attentive listener who is able to help speakers articulate their message in their own voice. She has a wonderful way of building speakers confidence and honing their talks to elicit authenticity in delivery and connection with audiences. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bo in support of dozens of speakers for TEDxRainier/Seattle.”

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