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I want you to rock your talk.

But that doesn’t mean my process is rock star flashy. (No dance moves here.) And whether you’re preparing to walk through a literal stage door or just to the front of a conference room, I want you to do it with confidence about who you are and what you have to offer. I love working with people and ideas and I can help you give the talk you want to give and the talk that sounds like you. I’ll be your coach and your cheerleader all the way. I’ve got your back and want you to succeed.

Step one: We talk

Either in person or via skype or phone if meeting together just won’t work. We talk about your project, what the challenges are, your audience, your main idea, your deadline, and what kinds of things are important for you to get across. I’ll find out if you have a rough draft or if you’re still drawing a blank. No matter if the project is a wedding toast or an explanation of why we should care about telomeres and aging (note: I speak science), I’ll want to hear anything and everything, or at least everything you can share in an hour.

There is no cost for this first consult. Absolutely free.

Step two: Sign Me Up!

If it seems we’ll work well together, we’ll come up with a plan to fit your budget and you’ll put down a small deposit. I charge by the hour for small jobs and have several discounted packages you’ll see below. I also offer sliding scale rates for people who work in the non-profit sector or whose funds are limited. Just ask.

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Just a little help

You’ve got a talk together. You’re not sure it works. You feel it needs something, but you’re not sure what. It might need a bit of redirection to land your idea. Or it’s too long (a common problem.) I can be that second set of eyes to cut the excess or fix the rough edges. On the flip side, this package option is also a good choice for people who have to give a talk but have no idea where to start; we can talk ideas and get you started. This smaller package also works well for people who want to present at Ignite or The Moth, or if you simply want help with an application to speak at TED or TEDx.

Cost: $200-$500. (Prorated to hourly for smaller jobs)

get started
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From the page to the stage!

A complete package for rocking a TED or TEDx talk as well as other opportunities to stand up and shine– commencement speeches, conference presentations, keynotes, and the like.

With this package we start the journey with the page: your script or rough draft of your talk.* Many writers swear by writing “crappy first drafts” to get their ideas out, and that’s the thinking here. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be a rough start. This package reflects what I know from years of experience with TED/TEDx talks and takes you from a very rough draft through several iterations and revisions until the talk is fully cooked. I read your draft, we talk about it, I go away and work on it and give you suggestions on direction, ideas, organization, and word choice (in person and directly on your draft), and then you go back to the drawing board. Lather, rinse, repeat until the talk is finished. Hopefully, there’s some laughter along the way.

Cost: $2000 (20+ hours)

*A note about first drafts

If the idea of writing makes your blood go cold, fear not. If you can’t manage to take pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), then recording your talk or your idea — literally talking into your phone — can work to get the process going. One of us can then transcribe it and we’ll go from there. Trust me, it works.

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Different Pages for Different Stages

Not doing a talk? Or just need help crafting a print submission?  I do all kinds of other editorial work for print media (op eds, journal articles, grants) as well as digital projects: blog posts, YouTube video scripts, etc. I can move this to a bid (instead of hourly) if need be. Get in touch for details.

Cost: $75-125/hour

get in touch
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More about prepping and submitting to

I’ve been working with TED and TEDx speakers for many years, and can help you with your submission application (2-3 hours) or help you develop a full talk.

get started

“What makes Bo special and fantastic at what she does is that she is an attentive listener who is able to help speakers articulate their message in their own voice. She has a wonderful way of building speakers confidence and honing their talks to elicit authenticity in delivery and connection with audiences. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bo in support of dozens of speakers for TEDxRainier/Seattle.”

Scott Karman
Principal and Owner, Silverfox Productions, Inc.

“I highly recommend Bo as a speech coach. Her focused, no-nonsense style helps you zero in on what is working and not working in your speech. If you are executive looking to make a powerful keynote, look no further than Bo!”

Dr. Jonathan Bricker
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

“If you’ve ever wondered why TED talks are great it is because people like Bo are behind the scenes working with the speakers to be sure that their talks are razor sharp. Bo has the gift of making people feel comfortable even while she is challenging them to take their work to the next level and beyond. If you have a presentation coming up that matters, I would highly recommend working with Bo. Her insights helped tremendously as I prepared for my TEDx presentation.”

Dan Diamond, MD
Keynote speaker, author, first responder

I was not a public speaker, and the idea of standing in front of thousands of people was terrifying. I owe a debt of gratitude to Bo Roth. She was my coach for a TEDx talk and the process of writing and practicing with her couldn’t have been easier. She was sensitive and supportive but also wasn’t afraid to be critical and direct, which kept me pushing forward in a beautiful and enjoyable way.”

Jenn LaFrenier
Principal at Block Architects/ Co-Founder of The Block Project

Bo’s feedback and enthusiasm were indispensable to my success. What you’ll notice about Bo is a keen interest in both your content and your cause. She’ll figure out exactly what you want to accomplish, and then take intentional steps towards helping you move in that direction. I miss her feedback, enthusiasm, and talent.”

Tim Kniffin
Edge Schools Project: The Edge Foundation

The art of crafting an encore speech takes skill, and  Bo has that special ability to take well-meaning thoughts and polish it in a way that flows and makes sense to the storyline. And she allowed me to speak from the heart, while clarifying points and driving home the takeaways!”

Amy Ansel
Founder: Titan Hemp and Titan Bioplastics

“Bo really knows story…she understands narrative form and structure, and knows how to let stories unfold in a way that keeps the listener engaged. Writing this talk was an iterative process, with numerous drafts passing between us. And yet amazingly, when I listen to my talk now, I can’t tell which parts were my own, and which were based on Bo’s suggestions. It all feels like me.”

Eliaichi Kimaro
Filmmaker, encaustic artist, director: 9elephants productions.
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